Robert Edwards - Founder/Managing Director

An experienced finance professional and wine connoisseur, Robert spent two years learning more about the industry and building an extensive contact base before conceiving The Vino Beano. He then developed and launched the company in June 2016, combining two of his passions and creating an instant success.

With an extensive personal cellar, Robert now spends as much time as he can discovering and researching new wines to bring to the market via The Vino Beano website and developing relationships with growers, producers and distributors to make even more great wines available to all The Vino Beano Club members.

Robert loves white burgundy, Riesling in all its forms, and big Brunello's. He also has a sweet tooth so is partial to an old sherry, or Vin Santo.

Robin Kick MW - Buyer/Wine Consultant

A Master of Wine (with fewer than 350 globally) Robin has an extensive contact base within Europe. She is based in Lugano (Switzerland), the heart of the key European wine regions. A well-respected buyer, taster, award judge and consultant in the industry, Robin spends her time developing relationships with growers and agents, finding hidden treasures (in wine form that is) and strategically bringing them to market.

Her knowledge, experience and palate is a key asset to the operation of The Vino Beano and she has played an exceptional role in identifying the outstanding wines that The Vino Beano is now able to bring to you.

Robin loves big Barolo's and Burgundy. If she is in the mood for white wine then generally Riesling from Mosel, Saar or Nahe, or a good Chablis is on the table. She also has a soft spot for Madeira.

Barry Walker - Marketing & PR Consultant/Product Partner

In addition to being a strategic marketing and communications professional with over 25 years’ experience working with UK and International food manufacturers, producers and distributors, Barry is also an artisan producer of Salumi and Salami in the true Italian style, having recently established the Hampshire Salami Company, which now cures and markets local produce.

Barry is also a food writer, blogger, expert on Italian cured meats and a regular judge at various food expos, including judging the Salumi category during the 2015 Bellavita Expo in London.

Barry obviously loves all things Italian so you will generally find him with a glass of Vermentino or a crisp white from Soave. Although, perhaps a hearty Barolo or Barbera in the winter months.

Jack Grosvenor - Senior Account Manager (Private Wine Sales and Broking)

An enthusiastic and driven individual, with a detailed wine knowledge gained over the past ten years, Jack gained high street experience with Threshers and Oddbins before a three year spell spent developing and running management training courses in both the public and private sectors. Passionate about wine, he returned to the sector and became a Personal Wine Adviser with Laithwaite's, one of the biggest merchants, establishing a strong reputation as a member of its prestigious Classics team.

Jack brings with him this extensive experience to The Vino Beano and now devotes his time to assisting customers select and own some of the best artisan and fine wines available on the market today.

Jack loves a Barolo or Amarone - the big Italian reds, as well as Riesling (from dry to sweet), white burgundy or a glass of Sauternes.

Jannica Chanco - Account Manager (On Trade Sales & Events)

A young wine enthusiast and professional, Jannica developed her love for bottled grapes during trips to Australia’s Hunter Valley and to the hills of Italy’s Chianti region.

Before moving to London, she worked with people from all parts of the world as a teacher and travelling maritime conservationist in Asia, while taking courses after hours on the science and business of wine. Jannica’s passion for wine shines through her work, as she strives to bring artisanal bottles to the restaurants and bars of the city she now calls home.

On any given day, Jannica would love to unwind with a glass of dry Riesling, a New World Sauvignon Blanc, or a white Burgundy. Chianti Classico’s are an easy yes - especially alongside a Bistecca alla Fiorentina(!)—but a big, spicy and fruity red will always intrigue.