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  • The Root of All Things

    Soil; the all-important feeding blanket that provides nutrients and water to the vines. It is easy to forget how important the soil is in determining the quality of our favourite wines (as I occasionally do myself!). The colour, texture, aromas and flavour, are all believed to be affected by the quality of soil. As it is a big component of the concept of Terroir, soil is often in the limelight in the industry, especially in the Old World.

  • Terroir… Terr-what?!

    There are a great many mysteries and subjects of intrigue within the wine world. "How much is the wine in this bottle really worth?", "does a silver spoon really help to preserve the fizz?", and, "will drinking organic wine stop me getting a hangover?" These are all interesting questions, but there is one that has always held my personal intrigue more than any other... "What exactly is Terroir?"

  • Oak-ie Dokie?

    When I first started paying more attention to wine (that is, when I started caring about how we actually get this fantastic fermented grape juice, rather than just chugging it down…) I often came across phrases like “aged/fermented/matured in oak”. I started to realise that there was more to those words and with that, even more questions.

    Questions like: what is the age of the barrel that the wine was fermented in? what method was used to toast the oak and how much was it toasted? what is the size of the barrel? These important variables affect how our treasured grape juice will taste and the aromas we smell. But as important as these are, there is another factor that is just as important – the passport the oak carries.

    The two most common passports are currently French and American. So, what does this mean, other than telling us where the oak came from? Does it really matter? As it turns out – it does!

  • Putting the 'Art' in Artisan

    Mmmm... Delicious. Another cloyingly sweet, luminous sugar syrup, from the experts at Echo Hills or Blossom Falls. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for the glass, I'm just wondering when this became something we could class as "table wine". And almost as pressingly - how long it'll be before I can clean my teeth. In this day and age, with such easy access to top quality products from all over the world, isn't there anything better out there...?! Fortunately, the answer is a resounding "yes".

  • Lambrusco Revival

    Gone are the days of the sickly sweet, luminous pink, 1980’s fizz that you previously found on supermarket shelves. A wine that during Roman times was highly valued due to its productivity and high yields, has disappeared off the radar for most of the last 1,500 years or so, give or take. However, it is now making a real noise, and is appealing to everybody from the casual drinker, through to hardcore collectors, to the respected folk of the industry. Lambrusco is back, and its brought it’s ‘A’ game…

  • 5-Day Wine Tour of Burgundy

    The Vino Beano is excited to announce its "Meet the growers" wine tour of Burgundy, arguably the most sought after wine region in the world. Your exclusive guide for this exceptional and exclusive 5-day tour will be Master of Wine - Robin Kick. You'll explore the limestone-rich landscapes that create the chiselled Chardonnays of Chablis, before heading south to the Côte d’Or, the core of the Burgundy region; meeting many of the growers, sampling their wines and enjoying excellent food every stage along the route, so for more information...

  • Champagne...Champagne for everyone!

    Robin Kick MW writes: From my perspective “Blanc de Noir”, “Blanc des Blancs” and “Vintage” have existed for quite some time in Champagne. Salon has always been a Blanc des Blancs and always vintaged and even houses like Krug introduced their Clos de Mesnil “Blanc des Blancs” in 1986 (1979 vintage) and their Clos d’Ambonnay “Blanc de Noir” in 2007 (the 1995 vintage). So, not terribly recently.

    One is now seeing many more champagnes with these labels and in my opinion,,,

  • The Vino Beano Burgundy Portfolio Tasting

    At #teamVB, we have a special love of Burgundy...something beyond passion. To quench our thirst, we have developed a range of incredible Burgundian wines that we represent exclusively in the UK. This of course means that we want to show them off to all of you!

  • The Vino Beano | Fine Wine Exchange

    The Vino Beano | Fine Wine Exchange – More information to be released shortly – in the meantime call +44 203 306 0640 for details or email info@thevinobeano.com

  • The Vino Beano Now Accepts Bitcoin

    A product of the millennial generation, Bitcoin is the worldwide currency of the internet that continues to grow in popularity. Now The Vino Beano, the new ‘go-to’ merchant for wine enthusiasts looking to purchase high quality, affordable, lovingly produced and carefully selected wines is also embracing this technology and will accept Bitcoin as the method of payment when purchasing its growing portfolio of artisan wines.