Wine is made to be drunk and celebrated. The Vino Beano is the new ‘go-to’ merchant for wine enthusiasts looking to purchase high quality, affordable, lovingly produced and carefully selected wines. We want our customers and club members to acquire new wines with confidence, while supporting independent artisan producers. With The Vino Beano, you will also have access to the real stories behind these growers - how they produce, take care of and live their wines.

Staying away from mainstream brands, The Vino Beano specialises in finding undiscovered wines exclusively to the UK market. We are passionate about bringing sophisticated, real hidden gems from artisan producers from all over the world, making them available to you at truly affordable prices.


La Breccia Sauvignon Blanc 2015

100% Sauvignon Blanc

Light and very tropical with pineapple and mango. Good minerality and freshness too. A real elegant Sauvignon.

£85.00 per case (£14.17 per bottle)

Blanc de Noirs 2013

100% Pinot Noir

Silver lime-leaf green, fine fizz; good yeast autolysis and green fruit with lemon grass accent; lovely delicate style with good balance between acidity and dosage.

£160.00 per case (£26.67 per bottle)

Weingut am Kaiserbaum

Lerchenspiel Rieslaner Auslese 2015

100% Rieslaner

Though somewhat discreet on the nose, its palate comes to life with expressive notes of succulent muscat grapes, white pineapple and lime zest.

£79.00 per case (£13.17 per bottle)